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Throwback: “Beneath The Remains” by Sepultura!

35 years on, like Stonehenge, the Roman Colosseum or Pyramids of ancient Egypt, “Beneath The Remains” is a Death Thrash masterclass from Sepultura that has stood the test of time. Recorded in just 13 days at Nas Nuvens Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in December 1988 with producer Scott Burns (Death, Obituary, Deicide) at the

Review: “Fragments of Solace” by Profanity

“We wanted to transport the vibe of the most important death metal releases for us from the 90s into the present and mix it with our vision of extreme music. For the type of music we play, some of the most influential albums were released in the 90s. This is the music we grew up

Riff Police! Pull Over! #112: Sepultura Vs Megadeth!

Is it time we put the Riff Police series to bed? Hell No. There’s more tongue in cheek humor and rib tickling fun to be had at the expense of a few bands who let someone else’s guitar licks get inside their head and didn’t realize before they’d inked a track of their down with

NEWS: Cavalera Brothers play Sepultura classics!

Max and Iggor Cavalera will be in London in December to bring cuts from Sepultura classics “Beneath The Remains” from 1989 and “Arise” from 1991 back to life. The trio of shows will have guitar wizard Marc Rizzo and bassist Mike Leon in the band so it’s three quarters of the Soulfly line-up and you

Bootleg: Max & Iggor Cavalera in Minsk!

Pro-Shot in Minsk Belarus on 5th October 2018, here’s a full set from the “Beneath The Remains” & “Arise” tour from Max and Iggor Cavalera. Featuring former Ill Nino guitarist Marc Rizzo who features in Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy, the set sees the band take on classics from those albums plus a pair of Motorhead

Bootleg: Max & Iggor Cavalera in Mexico!

Max & Iggor Cavalera continue their World tour bringing back their Sepultura days. Filmed in Mexico City on 3rd June in their run for “Beneath The Remains” and “Arise” comes “Desperate Cry” and a cover of the AC/DC classic “Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap”. The later also appeared on “Tempo of the Damned” the return

Review: “Self Titled” by Inhuman Nature

Recorded by Misha Hering at Holy Mountain Studio (who also did their “Other Realms” EP in September 2017) , Mastered by Magnus Lindburg and featuring some impressive album art by Andrei Bouzikov, London crossover Thrash crew Inhuman Nature who feature former members of Hang The Bastard in their ranks have brought to the plate their

Bootleg: Cavalera Conspiracy in Russia!

Filmed on 4th October at The Aurora Concert Hall in St. Petersburg Russia, here’s a full set from Cavalera Conspiracy performing Sepultura classics “Beneath The Remains” and “Arise” in full. The just over 77 minute set also includes a pair of Motorhead covers in “Orgasmatron” and “Ace Of Spades” in tribute to the late Lemmy