Riff Police! Pull Over! #112: Sepultura Vs Megadeth!

Is it time we put the Riff Police series to bed? Hell No. There’s more tongue in cheek humor and rib tickling fun to be had at the expense of a few bands who let someone else’s guitar licks get inside their head and didn’t realize before they’d inked a track of their down with that part slap bang in the middle of it. There are no lawyers involved, this s*** is just for fun people so don’t got writing home to your mother. Here’s a classic for you.

2002 saw Megadeth Mastermind Dave Mustaine hospitalized for the removal of a kidney stone that to a return to drug addiction and while in a Texas treatment center, Mustaine fell asleep with his arm over the back of a chair, causing compression of the radial nerve. Unable to grasp or make a fist with his left hand and therefore unable to play guitar, he announced the disbandment of the Thrash titans while he began treatment for a condition known as radial neuropathy. After two years in the wilderness, Mustaine began to record what was originally dubbed a solo album entitled “The System Has Failed” with session musicians, however due to contractual obligations, the album was re-branded as Megadeath’s 10th studio effort. As albums go, it has a refreshing feel with Dave Mustaine clearly not feeling any shackles or responsibility and just going with it. Final track “My Kingdom” is a case in point, a heavier track with a tight solo with a dark spoken word as Mustaine declares his return as a warrior to reclaim his Metal. But wait… Isn’t that Andreas Kisser’s riff from “Inner Self” by Sepultura…? That track is a stone cold classic from the much loved “Beneath The Remains” album. Well we know he likes Brazilian Metal having hired Angra guitarist Kiko┬áLoureiro…

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