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Riff Police! Pull Over! #96: Benevolent Like Quietus Vs Metallica!

“…And of things that will bite, Sleep with one eye open, Gripping your pillow tight…” Amazing isn’t it? The things that become a subliminal influence. There can’t be many Metal Heads that don’t know the black self titled album from Metallica pretty well and there can’t be many guitarists who didn’t learn lead single “Enter Sandman”

Review: “Kill The Bliss” by Benevolent Like Quietus

Hailing from the cold, dark winter nights of Calgary, Canada Benevolent Like Quietus promise to bring forth a bounty of brooding, Goth Rock-influenced Melodic Metal. Each song starts with Ryan Spencer (drums) who writes the music on guitar and together with Daniel Louden (vocals) put together the basic guitar and vocal structures before being worked

NEWS: “The Rise And The Fall” with Benevolent Like Quietus!

If you’re a Type O Negative fan then 13th March will see the release of an album that should capture your imagination. Following first single “Dawn of Rust”, Calgary Canada’s Goth Metal act Benevolent Like Quietus have shared “The Rise And The Fall” in lyric video form. Both tracks appear on the bands debut full

NEWS: Benevolent Like Quietus announce “Kill The Bliss”!

Lurking in the Canadian underground metal scene since 2015, Benevolent Like Quietus have spend the past 5 years sharpening their blades for their debut album “Kill The Bliss”, which will see  release on 13th March 2020. Their their unique, goth rock-tinged melodic metal style sees first single “Dawn Of Rust” appear today as the build