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Live Review: Tech-Fest: Day #2: Friday!

Ignore talk about Friday being the first day proper of Tech-Fest because there were capacity crowds for Deathcore brutes Bound In Fear and Progressive Metal masters Exist Immortal last night. This morning starts of painfully early because having been a freezing cold night in Newark, come the morning it’s roasting hot in the tent. Still, a

The Black Map #214: Chaos Sequence from Bristol!

Two Hundred and Fourteen. That’s how many of the lesser lights of heaven in the UK Metal Underground scene we’ve put a spotlight brighter than a solar flare on with our weekly feature “The Black Map“. The numbers will only keep getting higher because the number of bands coming and going from the scene is

Interview: Ten56 talk Will Ramos from Lorna Shore!

Soon to be rolling up on Newark Showgrounds for UK Tech-Fest like a tank, Ten56 allowed vocalist Aaron Matts out of the practice space for a few minutes to talk to Joshua Toomey about his love of Will Ramos from Lorna Shore because as he puts it, the dude is on the next level. If

NEWS: Betraying The Martyrs announce their Swansong?

Does the announcement of Betraying The Martyrs alongside Ten56 at this summer’s Tech-Fest at Newark Showgrounds mean than there could be a potential one song reunion for vocalist Aaron Matts with his former band mates? Only time will tell. But before that happens 24th June will see the Frenchmen now fronted by Rui Martins release

Bootleg: “Sh*tspitter” from Ten56!

After the announcement that their tour with Landmvrks, Glassbone and Resolve has sold out shows in Koln and Antwerp as well as a venue upgrade in Birmingham, Nu-Deathcore upstarts Ten56 have been working hard on creating the best live performance. So much so in fact that they’ve shared a rendition of “Sh*tspitter” from the live

NEWS: ten56 usher in a dark new day…

Celebrating the release of their debut EP “Downer Pt. #1” via Out Of Line Music a day before most things get released are ten56, a Nu Deathcore project featuring the vocal talents of former Betraying The Martyrs vocalist Aaron Matts. They’ve chosen the last of the tracks from that record in “Kimo”, arguably it’s heaviest

Playthrough: “Sick Dog” from Ten56!

Set to join Landmvrks, Resolve and Glassbone for an extensive European tour in May and with “Downer Part #1” set for 25th November, former Betraying The Martyrs frontman Aaron Matts is getting his rehearsals in whenever he can. So in one take, live and raw he’s shared a video of “Sick Dog” from his Nu-Deathcore

NEWS: ten56 get sick on the “Downer”…

…with their third single and music video, this time for “Sick Dog“, French Nu-Deathcore outfit ten56 have announced their debut EP “Downer” for 25th November via Out Of Line Music. Running six cuts and in some places labeled “Part 1“, it will no doubt be played in full when the quintet join Glassbone and Resolve

Playthrough: “Boy” from ten56.

They may have only debuted a pair of tracks so far but ten56. can be considered well on their way and between “Boy” and “Diazepam” the French Deathcore project fronted by former Betraying The Martyrs vocalist Aaron Matts have surpassed the 370k mark on Spotify alone. Tracking their drums with Junior Rodriguez at Black Sun