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Review: “Legions” by Desolate Realm

After the triumph of their self titled album in 2021 the return of Desolate Realm with “Legions” is a highly anticipated one from a pair of musicians who hail from Helsinki Finland and are known for their prior convictions in Decaying, Chalice and Altar of Betelgeuze. As with that last album, this time out drummer

NEWS: Desolate Realm tread carefully on Forsaken Ground?

Two years after their self titled album have us the combination of Doom Metal in all its finest resplendent epic grandeur, Finnish duo Desolate Realm are set to return with “Legions” on 17th March. Riff worshipping will commence shortly thereafter with the Helsinki act leaning on old school influences in Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus as

Review: “Self Titled” by Desolate Realm

Formed by members of Decaying, Chalice and Altar of Betelgeuze, Helsinki Finland based duo Desolate Realm are known for combining the epic grandeur of Doom Metal acts like Candlemass with Traditional Metal sounds of Savatage and the mighty groove of Black Sabbath. Formed in 2018 by Matias Nastolin (Guitars, Vocals, Bass) and Olli Törrönen (Drums), they

NEWS: Desolate Realm get hypnotized by “The Circle”?

23rd April will see the release of the self tiled album from Helsinki Finland Doom Metal Duo Desolate Realm, a band formed of members of Decaying, Chalice and Altar of Betelgeuze, known for combining the epic grandeur of doom-metal acts like Candlemass with the classic heavy-metal of Savatage  and the mighty groove of Black Sabbath. Featuring eight new

Review: “Lost Connection” EP from Chalice

Two years after full length “Ashes Of Hope” which saw them celebrate 20 years together, Beveren-Leie Belgium natives Chalice have returned with “Lost Connection“. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tony De Block at Midas Recording Studio in Lokeren with the band delivering a blend of Death Metal and Thrash that focuses on personal struggle and