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NEWS: Zero Trust premier third single “Portraits”!

Back in March an experimental Hardcore band comprising vocalist BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot, Ghidrah, GMK), guitarists Zack Thorne (Bulldoze, Agents of Man, Skarhead) and Mike Milewski (Bulldoze, Homicidal), Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria) on bass and backing vocals and drummer Evan Rossiter (Full Scale Riot, Organyc) surfaced with a 7″ vinyl pairing of tracks

Review: “LV-426” by Hideous Divinity

Deciding on James Cameron’s “Aliens” as a theme for their latest offering, Italian Technical Death Metal force Hideous Divinity have chosen to concentrate on the story of Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden, the 6-year old girl rescued on the alien infested planetoid LV-426 by Ellen Ripley in the film. As the listener, we live the story from her point

NEWS: Hideous Divinity premier “Chestburst” as the drop ship approaches!

Italian Technical Death Metal heavyweights Hideous Divinity have unleashed a second nightmare from their upcoming Alien themed EP “LV-426” which follows a sub-narrative of the second Alien movie, directed by James Cameron. Adorned with Alien-themed artwork by Colin Estrada, the new release will drop on 23rd April via Century Media and feature a surprise Tech-Death

NEWS: Hideous Divinity prepare to land on LV-426!

Italian Technical Death Metal force Hideous Divinity have released “Acheron, Stream of Woe”, the first track from their upcoming new concept EP  “LV-426”. If you don’t recognize the title then it’s time to spend a day binge watching the classic Sigourney Weaver Franchise “Alien” ahead of the 23rd April release, probably after watching the lyric video

Exclusive Interview: Faces of Eve on UK Tech-Fest!

There is now a little under a month to UK Tech-Fest, one of the highlights of the summer with a varied line-up of bands from all corners of the globe converging on Newark Showgrounds for four days of wall to wall Metal! We caught up with Faces of Eve for an exclusive interview to get