NEWS: Hideous Divinity premier “Chestburst” as the drop ship approaches!

Italian Technical Death Metal heavyweights Hideous Divinity have unleashed a second nightmare from their upcoming Alien themed EP “LV-426” which follows a sub-narrative of the second Alien movie, directed by James Cameron. Adorned with Alien-themed artwork by Colin Estrada, the new release will drop on 23rd April via Century Media and feature a surprise Tech-Death cover version of “Delirium Trigger” by Coheed and Cambria while like its predecessor “Simulacrum” it was produced by Stefan Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio. Pre-orders are available here.

The band comments on “Chestburst”: “That persistent beat in James Horner’s ‘Face Huggers’ theme from the movie score… it all starts there. If ‘Acheron Stream of Woe’ is the epic theme, then ‘Chestburst’ is the crazy fast escape tune; it’s the soundtrack of alien drones hunting the Colonial Marine squad. And no, there’s no happy ending” and upon the EP: “We chose to concentrate on the story of Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden, the 6-year old girl rescued on the alien infested planetoid LV-426 by Ellen Ripley. We live the story from her point of view, a mixture of childhood’s happy life and memories cut off by the alien attack.

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