Review: “LV-426” by Hideous Divinity

Deciding on James Cameron’s “Aliens” as a theme for their latest offering, Italian Technical Death Metal force Hideous Divinity have chosen to concentrate on the story of Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden, the 6-year old girl rescued on the alien infested planetoid LV-426 by Ellen Ripley in the film. As the listener, we live the story from her point of view, a mixture of childhood memories cut off by the alien attack as the band sweep through a trio of cuts that like it’s predecessor “Simulacrum” were produced by Stefan Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio. Combining that with stunning cover artwork by Colin Estrada and the depth of meaning that the classic Sigourney Weaver science fiction franchise has for so many even now and we have an enticing prospect on our hands.

As an Alien franchise fan, the idea of a band choosing to follow a sub-plot they’ve created within the confines of the Alien Universe is intriguing and what Hideous Divinity create with that clay is simply unbelievable. Forget about genre tags because while up until now you might have considered the band a Technical Deathcore outfit, the beast has evolved. The cinematic soundscape of the drums that bring in “Acheron Stream of Woe” create something epic with the dark warning of something approaching before everything comes crashing down with bursts of blast beats and jackhammer footwork with Giulio Galati putting down some Brutal Death Metal percussion work. The guitars bring an intensity while also offering moments of haunting atmospheres as they seek to create something of epic grandeur and dark fury and the combination is scintillating. The solo is jaw dropping and the way the cut builds up to a furious finale before the haunting synths that eerily point back to the first Alien film is incredible. “Chestburst” is then turns everything up two notches as it races though at breakneck speed the rampaging violent soundtrack to alien drones hunting the Colonial Marine squad. Again, the technical solo is immense as the music shrouded in darkness blends Brutal Death Metal and Death Metal with a technical proficiency that beggars belief. If genre pioneers Despised Icon should ever have the pleasure, there is no doubt that they would be proud of what the Italians have done. The fact that “Delirium Trigger” is a cover of a song by Coheed And Cambria was always going to be something that invited controversy but rest assured, while it has the same skeleton, it has had a complete Tech-Death overhaul to the point that aside from the lyrics it is barely recognizable. The icy piano work is mesmerizing, Enrico “H.” Di Lorenzo unclean vocals are clean enough that the lyrics are audible despite his throat shredding intensity and the restless and relentless way in which it is carried off is a punch in the face for anyone who said it couldn’t be done [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Acheron, Stream of Woe
  2. Chestburst
  3. Delirium Trigger (Coheed And Cambria Cover)

LV-426” by Hideous Divinity is out 23rd April via Century Media

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