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Exclusive Interview: Varius talk “Concordance”!

When someone says Melodic Death Metal, Niagara Falls, Ontario isn’t necessary the first place you’d think of but Varius aren’t about to let that hold them back. The quartet dropped their sophomore EP “Concordance” not so long ago and in creating it gave each musician the role of producer for one cut which they themselves

Review: “Concordance” by Varius

While it has been done previously, most notably perhaps by DJentlemen Periphery with their record “Clear“, the concept that Varius have chosen for their sophomore EP “Concordance” remains a fascinating one. The Niagara Falls, Ontario based quartet who comprise Joel Tassillo (Bass), Joey Scaringi (Vocals), Vladimir Prokhorov (Drums) and Patrick Forlin (Guitar) have gone the

NEWS: Varius wear the crown of thorns…

In the same way as Periphery famously did with their record “Clear“, Canadians Varius have released an EP in “Concordance” which comprises one song with each different band member being at the writing helm and thus giving each one the opportunity to shine and show off their own influences as well as relying on the