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NEWS: Cucaracha get chased by Wildebeest!

South West Stoner Metal trio Cucaracha surprised us with their self titled EP which we reviewed back in May 2020 and in “Wildebeest” they have an obvious single with strong “Pure Rock Fury” era Clutch vibes. The ideal choice for a music video then and they’ve done us proud. What’s that? You’d love to hear

Review: “Self Titled” EP by Cucaracha

Citing influences in Clutch and Kyuss, South West Stoner Metal trio Dan Pickering (Guitar and Vocals), Jamie Lee (Bass) and Max Galvin (Drums) joined forces under the moniker Cucaracha to create Southern sounds to drink bourbon to. A helping hand from Jim Saunders who Mixed and Mastered their debut EP so they can take their