Review: “Self Titled” EP by Cucaracha

Citing influences in Clutch and Kyuss, South West Stoner Metal trio Dan Pickering (Guitar and Vocals), Jamie Lee (Bass) and Max Galvin (Drums) joined forces under the moniker Cucaracha to create Southern sounds to drink bourbon to. A helping hand from Jim Saunders who Mixed and Mastered their debut EP so they can take their music from the basement to the stage was all they needed.

If you thought that Stoner Metal was all slow drudge and dirge through fuzz on herbal fumes, that ain’t Cucaracha. Opening with the power house “Vagrant Song“, which has the kind of riffs you might expect from Led Zeppelin with a bright up tempo feel and swagger of confidence is a fine start to any EP. The band let the throttle out with the ease and familiarity of riding a Harley Davidson to a biker bar with instant hooks. “Red River” continues the vibe which thanks to a fine mix gives the band a professional edge with each instrument in the rightful place and the rhythm section shinning. Pickering lays down a solo in this one with all that Southern flavour and the groove is second to none. A false ending is timed to perfection. There is no let in the pace and energy from Cucaracha and in “Hogan’s Ghost“, the band put their flag in the ground and claim their territory. The longer running time gives them a moment to incorporate some melody with some cleaner toned riffs that you might expect from a progressive band in an elongated instrumental passage talar cuts a third of the track. Stepping back up with the punchy “Wilderbeest” that sees Cucaracha take a leaf from the “Pure Rock Fury” era of Clutch playbook and adding a more of the psyhcadellic story telling vibe accompanied by a barked vocal. The track has more of a Metallic edge to it with some beefy chugs and heavier riffs that lead us to that inevitable conclusion. If there aren’t chants of “one more song” after Cucaracha leave the stage then there is no justice in the World [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Vagrant Song
  2. Red River
  3. Hogan’s Goat
  4. Wilderbeest

Self Titled” EP by Cucaracha is out now and available over at bandcamp

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