Review: “Chaos Machine” by Enemynside

Originally called Scapegoat from their 1994 inception to 1999 when the band changed its name to Enemynside, the Italian Thrash Metallers have had wide reaching and varying career touring Italy and Europe and sharing stages with the likes of Destruction, Dismember, Blaze Bayley, Necrodeath, Extrema and Flotsam And Jetsam to name but a few. “Chaos Machine” follows the band’s catalog of EPs and albums including 2016’s “Dead Nation Army” and 2012’s “Whatever Comes”. Vocalist/Guitarist Francesco Cremisini, Guitarist Matteo Bellezza, Drummer Fabio Milgori and Bassist Andrea Pistone are here to headbang!

As you might expect with influences in the Big Four, “Faceless” gallops over the horizon with gusto and vigor as Cresmisini bemoans depravation as slavery with socially aware lyrics. An extended solo sees both guitars duel like Trivium at their best and while it doesn’t break new ground, it’s a fine opening. “Black Mud” features a fine Hardcore inspired gang chant part as it moves along at decent pace. It has a skillfully delicious solo that showcases more talent than the base riffs and the whole thing sounds like it belongs in the Bay. Keeping up the relentless energy “Suffered Defeat” has that classic feeling era solo with modern production an a sheen that gives it more punch than some of the original first wave of Thrash bands had. There is a more technical nature to some of the riff patterns while the lead guitar work is gives it that extra effervescent personality.

Single “Frozen Prison Cell” takes things to a new level with jackhammer kit work from Milgori borrows from some wider influences with a solo that Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde would be proud of. Lyrically a story about Soviet Gulags and labour camps in the boundless frozen lands it’s as hard hitting as it is headbangable. “Deadline” brings some stuccato riffage to the plate with momentary breaks in the turn around of the patterns that gives it a bit more bite. Pistone gets the opportunity to have some bass bleed through the guitar work and a well worked change up it is. As you’d expect, another flying V solo is the order of the day and this one is inspired by Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. “System Failure” is perhaps the title track of “Chaos Machine” in the absence of one and the talk of Global Economic Meltdown with the addition of a pre-solo sample gives it a point of difference. Politics and violence all the way and in the current climate where World leaders are dividing to conquer and remain in power, it’s frantically on point. “The Terror” continues that vibe with a story that depicts the cover art. An oppressive government running the show and wars being fought we can not win. The fist pumping gang chant of “WARS!” will go down well live while the necksnappingly headbangable riffs and blistering technical solo is simply sublime.

Taking some inspiration from Pantera with some impressive aggresive groove metal riffs, “Sh*tstorm” waves it’s fist at politicians and asks when our new era will begin. It’s fine breakdown bridge and solo put it not only amongst the finest cuts on the album but take the band to being a whammy bar moment away from being Power Trip. Under Joseph Stalin’s rule Kolyma became the most notorious region for the Gulag labor camps and pole of cold and cruelty in the Gulag system. “No God In Kolyma” takes this and turns it into punchy and aggresive blend of storytelling based on historical artifacts. It’s a powerhouse of thunderous glory and in some ways reminiscent of concepts from “Master Of Puppets” by Metallica. The sounds of rankings, breaking glass and flames rising around a eerie meloncholy riff in “Devoured” is a fitting end for the title credit roll [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Faceless
  2. Black Mud
  3. Suffered Defeat
  4. Frozen Prison Cell
  5. Deadline
  6. System Failure
  7. The Terror
  8. Sh*tstorm
  9. No God In Kolyma
  10. Devoured

“Chaos Machine” by Enemynside is out 25th October via Rockshots Records and can be pre-ordered here

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