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NEWS: Spirit Breaker move mountains!

As the well received new album “Cura Nata” from Spirit Breaker continues to gain much positive attention, Solid State Records have slipped out a music video for “The Mountain Between Us” to ensure the hype remains high around the release from the Southeast Michigan Progressive Metalcore act. Who can blame them? It’s a classy debut

Interview: Spirit Breaker talk “Cura Nata” with Heavy New York!

“The Mountain Between Us”, “Flauros“, “Pure Fury & Wonder” and “Hello, Drifter“ have all appeared as singles over the four year gap between 2017’s “Human Nature” and 13th August releasing “Cura Nata” from Solid State Records signings Spirit Breaker and each one will appear on the album despite the oldest of those being released as

NEWS: Spirit Breaker climb the mountain?

Serving as another reminder that the follow up to 2017’s “Human Nature“, the one with that Garrett Russell of Silent Planet guess vocal appearance on it, will drop on 13th August via Solid State Records, the Spirit Breaker have chosen “The Mountain Between Us” as a demonstration of their Progressive Metalcore prowess. The album is

NEWS: Spirit Breaker get rowdy with “Flauros”!

Another band releasing new material on 13th August is Spirit Breaker, an addition to the Solid State Records roster that sees them join Fit For A King, Phinehas and The Devil Wears Prada as they continue to accumulate Metalcore affiliated acts. “Cura Nata” is the name of the album in question with the venomous “Flauros”