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Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Recreant.

The revolving door saw Tom Barber switch Lorna Shore for Chelsea Grin as Alex Kohler exited stage left to deal with issues with alcohol. He went on to form Hip-Hop act Grudges, while CJ McCreary left Signs of the Swarm to replace Barber in Lorna Shore only to exit himself following various allegations before their

NEWS: Dead/Awake ride into town…

… for the second time with a fresh version of “The Pale Horse” dubbed “The Pale Horse 2.0” which features a guest appearance from none other than Donny Bleakley of Still_bloom as well as being mixed and mastered by Davide Aroldi, otherwise known as HVZE and receiving a re-amp from Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last

NEWS: Dead/Awake go Animated for “Forgiveness”!

They could have gone down the lyric or lockdown route but chose instead to stump up some cash and get an animated video created for “Forgiveness” and good on Dead/Awake for doing it because this one is an absolute ripper and the video is class. Earlier this month they surpassed the million Spotify streams milestone

NEWS: Dead/Awake must decide!

When former this was first hinted at it came as something of a surprise but now it’s here. Mikey Arthur from Australian Metalcore act The Gloom In The Corner makes a guest appearance on the new single from Rockford Illinois Deathcore hell bringers Dead/Awake. The track which is entitled “Decide” appears via label We Are

Review: “Self Titled” by Dead/Awake

Rockford Illinois five piece Dead/Wake maybe following up their debut EP “Insurrectionist” with a self titled debut full length just 12 months on but this one features still features a trio of guest appearances. “Insurrectionist” features the likes of Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri, the unmistakable Tyler Shelton of Traitors and David Simonich now of Signs

NEWS: Dead/Awake streaming “DNR”!

It’s about time we heard some new material from Rockford Illinois Dead/Awake before their new and improved (?) Self titled album appears on 22nd November. So via Chugcore Promotions, they’ve streamed “DNR” (Do not resuscitate) a little help from Ricky Goveia and Craig Baker. The album will be distributed via We Are Triumphant.

NEWS: Dead/Wake head back to the gallows…

Rockford Illinois Metalcore crew Dead/Awake will be returning with a self titled album via We Are Triumphant on 22nd November and produced by Craig Baker! They have premiered via Chugcore Promotions brand new song “The Gallows II” to give you a taste of what wicked is to walk this way…

NEWS: Dead/Awake joined by Dealer!

Rockford Illinois Beatdown Hardcore crew Dead/Awake are joined by Adrian Holmes of Australian Gloom Supergroup Dealer for new single “F(r)iends”! Their self titled album is slated for 22nd November via We Are Triumphant so if you’re a fan of Varials, Alpha Wolf or Spite then this is one for you!

NEWS: Dead/Awake joined by Duncan Bentley!

Rockford Illinois 5 piece Hardcore crew Dead/Awake have a reputation for blending Mathcore, Beatdown and Deathcore into a melting pot and that is no different with new single “The Shepherd”. The track features a guest appearance from Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia fame.