Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Recreant.

The revolving door saw Tom Barber switch Lorna Shore for Chelsea Grin as Alex Kohler exited stage left to deal with issues with alcohol. He went on to form Hip-Hop act Grudges, while CJ McCreary left Signs of the Swarm to replace Barber in Lorna Shore only to exit himself following various allegations before their album “Immortal” dropped. David Simonich then filled his boots in Signs of the Swarm with the band launching “Viral Depravity” via Unique Leader Records. But with the year of Great Plague, Barber has joined forces with Emmure drummer Josh Miller in new project Darko. So what if Darko became a full time project? Barber leaves Chelsea Grin to be replaced by CJ McCreary, given a second chance due to.his ear splitting vocal talents while former Dead/Awake vocalist Will Ramos remains front and center in Lorna Shore where he’s been filling McCreary’s huge boots in the live arena? Or Chelsea Grin reunite with Kohler and rebuild some previously burned bridges? An interesting prospect either way?

So our head to head. In the Red Corner we have Columbus Conley featuring Hayden Valentine performing their rendition of our personal favourite Chelsea Grin track “Recreant” back in 2018. In the Blue Corner we have The Ogre Packet Slammers performing the track that appears on their “Slam From The Swamp” record. Who wins? You decide! No, we didn’t entertain David Simonich joining Lorna Shore…

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