Vs. Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins? FIGHT! Kyle Pavone (We Came As Romans) Tribute

Continuing yesterdays tribute to Kyle Pavone from We Came As Romans who tragically passed away aged just 28, it’s time to get into some Taylor Swift. Yeah, you read that right! Fearless Records long running Punk Goes Pop covers series has been graced not once but twice by the boys from the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan. The first time around they covered “Glad You Came” by The Wanted and did there own spin on something that you would have least expected them to do. Pavone’s influence on that was massive. But we’re going to focus on the second time around and their cover of “I Knew You Were Trouble” for Punk Goes Pop 6 in 2014. It’s a compilation that also features the likes of Oceans Ate Alaska, Ice Nine Kills and Palisades so well worth a spin if you’ve not heard it before.

Minsk, Belarus post hardcore crew Main-de-Gloire were joined by Kira Lang for their cut of the same track the year before. They’re another band famed for their covers having also collaborated with Kira Lang on a cover of another Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off” and “Hit The Lights” by Selena Gomez. Who wins? You decide!

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