Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Entombed.

Always open to feedback, we’ve read the recent comments for this very feature and here are a few highlights… “Pleeeeeeaaaaase go heavier with Vs Tuesday!!“… “Stop the Punk Goes Pop S***“… “If it’s not Metal it doesn’t count!“… “If the verdict was ‘guilty of bullsh**’ then you’re Carole Baskin!“. So not being ones to bow to peer pressure, sponsored by Skull Crusher Coffee, we’re bringing it back to some heavier material. The comments on this one will be “You sold out dudes!“…

…there is only one Entombed. Quite how it got to the band splitting into two bands, that’s another story. Back in the day the Swedes started out playing Nihilist Death Metal with, compaired to others in the genre some, some really unique guitar tones. Our first introduction to the band came with “Smart Aleck” from the bands fifth studio album “Same Difference” in 1998 but our favourite happens to be their third Death n’ Roll album “Wolverine Blues” from 1993. Produced by Tomas Skogsberg, the bands record label Earache, who were always controversial, went behind the bands back and did the dirty. Taking the name literally, they did a deal with Marvel Comics to include their character Wolverine on the cover and in the booklet for a special edition.

So to the influenced. In the Red Corner we have the mighty Converge who did their version on a split with of all people Napalm Death back in 2012. In the Blue Corner, we have Germans  Damnation Defaced (formerly known as Defaced) who dropped their version as recently as December 2019! Who wins? You decide!

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