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Review: “Disharmony” by Death Reich

“Even though humans are considered by many to be the most intelligent species  on earth, we have proven over and over again that we can not coexist with anyone or anything without there being carnage, famine, eradication, suffering and so forth. As long as this continues there will always be disharmony” ~ Death Reich

Review: “Into The Maze” by AGLO

Wearing his love of Star Trek and in particular The Borg on his sleeve, Australian multi instrumentalist Aaron Osborne has picked up where he left of with “Into The Maze” from Sludge fuelled Death Metal solo project AGLO as if he never left the studio after the recording of debut EP “Collector“. In point of fact

NEWS: AGLO gets lost in the maze…

Recorded by Lewis Noke Edwards (Gravitate, Circle Of Blood) at The Black Lodge, Mixed by Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, Terror) at The Pit Recording Studio and Mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, Full of Hell) at Audiosiege the sophomore EP “Into The Maze” by AGLO has 16th February engraved on its tombstone with the title track

Review: “The Final Plague” by Death Reich

Back in 2018 a crack commando unit escaped from a military prison and the seasoned veterans formed Death Reich with a desire to play American old school Scott Burns era Death Metal and recorded a demo that never saw the cold light of day. Changing direction to write faster, straight forward and more brutal Death

Review: “Chiroptera” by Algebra

Fourteen years have gone by in the blink of an eye for Swiss Trash act Algebra, a band who have in that time become one of the most reliable machines on Planet Metal. Metronomic time keeping and laser guided missile precision have been the backbone of their previous works from their 2008 demo to 2019’s

The Black Map #224: BrainBath from Glasgow!

From the aural delights to Iron Tomb from Birmingham, we head North for the next entry in our black book of the Metal Underground scene which places the FBI interrogation spotlight firmly on the lesser lights of heaven and provides them with some much needed attention, which is essentially what Metal Noise is all about.

Review: “Fossilized” by Cruentus

Two years on from their well received debut “Night Embrace Me“, Swedish Blackened Thrash duo Cruentus returned to the tried and trusted, entering Deathskull Studio E to record their sophomore album “Fossilized” with engineer Johan “Snoken” Nääs, the pair of multi instrumentalists Martin Öhman (guitar, bass, vocals) and Petter Bocian (drums, vocals) needing no further

Review: “Self Titled” by BrainBath

The rising New Wave Of Scottish Death Metal continues to grow like an oncoming storm with bands like Penny Coffin and Chestcrush joining already established acts like Scordatura and Hellripper helping to resurrect the once considered corpse of a genre, injecting new blood and fresh ideas that are once again building the scene and momentum

Review: “Vanguards of Misrule” by Defiant

“Vanguards of Misrule celebrates and encompasses everything that Defiant is over the last 17 years of its turbulent existence and shapes the future of the things to come. It is our most focused work yet and a classic example of an EP with a strength of a full length. Definitely our most complex material so far

NEWS: Defiant announce “Vanguards Of Misrule” with the title track!

Including a cover of “Dawnrazor” by the almighty Fields of the Nephilim, Croatian Blackened Death Metallers Defiant have announced they will once again be making their mark with a new EP “Vanguards Of Misrule” set for 26th June. They’ve unveiled the title track for the record, their seventh in all which is dedicated to LG