Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? Fight! “Punishment” Edition!

Formed in Brooklyn New York in 1987 and widely accepted as one of the first bands to fuse Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop elements, Biohazard are one of the greats that perhaps never got the credit that they deserved. They may never release another album with bassist and vocalist Evan Seinfeld exiting the group after the recording of the last one in 2016 leaving the band to tour without him and of course with vocalist and guitarist Billy Graziadei doing his own thing with Billy Bio and Powerflo.

One of arguably the best Biohazard tunes is without a doubt the dark atmospheric and “Punishment”. So in the Red corner we have German Hardcore crew Crackdown who have been at the game since 2006. They recorded their version in 2010 to close out album “Enough Is Enough”. In the blue corner we have Liar, a Metalcore band from West Flanders in Belgium known for their hardcore lyrical themes of Veganism, Animal Rights, Murder and of course Violence. Who wins? You decide!

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