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Bootleg: “Premonition of Hell” from Dehydrated!

Following the news that Dehydrated have delayed their EP “Piranha or Whale?” to allow them to record (or possibly just mix and master) a “very special” unnamed bonus track, our plan to release a review for it has been completely scuppered! So here’s “Premonition of Hell” recorded in Tomsk in May 2015 to remind you

Metal Noise TV: December 2018!

December brought 54 Epic Metal Videos to Metal Noise TV from Justice For The Damned, Dematerialize, Alpha Wolf, Captives, Blue Felix, Love Lost, Sumo Cyco, InVisions, Holehearted, Dagger Threat, Carnifex, To The Rats And Wolves, Kadinja, Dehyrated, Winds of Plague, Born from Pain, Infected Rain, Sins Of Jezebel, Currents, This Wild Life, Acaedia, Judiciary, Blood