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NEWS: Distinguisher write with a the poison pen?

After Nick Chase spoke to KnotFest about the upcoming new EP “Under the Weight of Things I Couldn’t Change” from his band Distinguisher earlier this week, the Nevada Deathcore collective have shared another single in “Open Letter” from it with Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy providing a guest vocal appearance. Produced, mixed, &

NEWS: Distinguisher fire up “Without End”!

11th March will mark the return of Distinguisher with “Under The Weight Of Things I Couldn’t Change“, a new EP produced, mixed and mastered by Josh Bearden at Nevermore Recordings (Ov Sulfur, Desertion, Treachery). The Las Vegas Nu-Metalcore act have premiered their fourth single since 2019’s “Hell From Here” in “Without End“, those four racking

NEWS: Distinguisher unveil “We All Suffer”!

Las Vegas Nu-Metalcore crew Distinguisher have released a music video for their emotionally charged new single “We All Suffer”. A direct follow up to their well received track “Nothing Is Real“, which surfaced 3 weeks ago, the new song sees the group showcasing their talents with their first pair of releases since their well received

NEWS: Sheer Cold suffer “Hyperthermic Hallucinations”!

The end of March saw former Gods Of Hate vocalist and Implements of Hell bassist Preston Graff has return with new project Sheer Cold, tearing like a tornado out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Deathcore quintet have in their ranks members of A Perfect Being and Vatican Falling and brought to us a debut single “Cryogenic Revival” featuring a guest

Throwback: “Rage” by Attila!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of “Rage“, the third studio album and major label debut from Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore act Attila. Inking a deal with Artery Recordings they recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album with Stephan Hawkes (American Me, Distinguisher, Chelsea Grin) of Interlace Audio at Breakroom Studios in Portland Oregon. Musically, early

Playthrough: “No Luck” from Distinguisher!

Las Vegas Nevada’s Distinguisher have the skills of drummer Jacob Barsoum to thank for the quality of the percussive work on their album “Hell From Here” which is out now via Stay Sick Recordings. Filmed by Nick Chance and edited by Olivia Bastone, here’s the man himself performing “No Luck“. There was us thinking that

Documentary: Bodysnatcher on Bus Invaders!

“I’ve lived my life with my eyes nailed shut,  And my mouth sewn closed not able to speak, for myself, For the first time in my life I’m standing on a mountain of POWER…” Filmed at the Chicago Illinois Cobra Lounge stop of their tour with Great American Ghost, Strangled, Born A New, Distinguisher, the tour

NEWS: Lay Distinguisher to rest?

Budweiser may claim to be the King of Beers on the label but that might be a false prophecy. Las Vegas Nevada’s Distinguisher have leveled the playing field with a visualizer for “Lay Me To Rest” from their July Stay Sick Recordings album “Hell From Here” especially for New Year’s Day. In separate news the

Bootleg: Distinguisher in Pomona!

Pro-Shot at PBW in Pomona California on 19th July, here’s a full short and sweet set from Distinguisher! The show was part of a summer run with Ghost Key and having signed with Attila‘s Stay Sick Recordings for their recently released album “Hell From Here” the Las Vegas Nevada quartet are on form!