Throwback: “Rage” by Attila!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of “Rage“, the third studio album and major label debut from Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore act Attila. Inking a deal with Artery Recordings they recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album with Stephan Hawkes (American Me, Distinguisher, Chelsea Grin) of Interlace Audio at Breakroom Studios in Portland Oregon. Musically, early comparisons were made to “The Social Event of the Century” by Dr Acula, simply because both albums are vaguely in the sub-genre but in truth they have little in common. Attila had improved dramatically at the song writing craft after two albums and with breakdowns and gang chants a plenty, learning how to keep things following and catchy.

As now Chris Fronzak got some heat from critics over his lyrics but what they glossed over was that the party asthetic means that they’re not to be taken seriously and just for s**** and giggles most of the time. What they perhaps failed to point out what that Fronzak makes up for the lyrics with vocal range on the record, showing off rasping growls, higher pitched screams and the ability to reach new at this point previously unheard lows. It was another five months before they were granted a music video for the title track as they became a full time touring machine, sharing stages with Stick To Your Guns, Threat Signal and Oceano that year. The evolution of the band since then has seen Chris Fronzak and the highly underrated Chris Linck the last men standing.

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