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Review: “Primordial” by Divitius

Looking back at their 2017 debut album “The  Arcadian Parallel“, Portland Oregon Progressive Metal act Divitius had clearly started to find their own sound in the songs that made up the later half of the record. A 10 track affair with with some interesting ambient and textural approaches in that later half while still being a

NEWS: Divitius unleash the “Phalanx”!

Mixed and Mastered by Joe Johnson at Tone Traktor Audio, Progressive DJentists Divitius are preparing to unleash hell with new EP “Primordial” on 17th April. Lyric video for new song “Phalanx” made its debut today via The Circle Pit in lyric video form…

NEWS: Divitius shapeshift for primordial!

Portland Oregon DJent infused female fronted Progressive Metallers Divitius have set 17th April as the date for their EP “Primordial”, the follow up to their 2017 debut full length “The Arcadian Parallel” to drop like a meteorite from the sky with pre-orders for that are available here. The second single “Shapeshifter” has surfaced via The

NEWS: Divitius announce “Primordial” with “Memento Mori”!

They may have formed four years ago and still not written a bio but Portland Oregon DJent infused Progressive Metallers Divitius are going to release a brand new EP by the name of “Primordial” on 17th April. Pre-orders for that are available here with a music video for “Memento Mori” landing today. As they don’t