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Review: “Arsonist” by Havelocke

“A haphazard mix of emo, post hardcore, and all things horror; Havelocke. The misfit cousins to the alternative scene, where black eyeliner meets big harmonies and post-apocalyptic themes. Emo and post-hardcore didn’t die; it grew up and put on it’s finest black clothes, ready to question the reality of the society we live in. Who better

Bootleg: Being As An Ocean at Summerblast Festival!

Filmed at Europahalle Trier Germany on 22nd April, here’s footage of Being As An Ocean at Summerblast Festival. The band will be trekking across  Europe in November with Novelists, Afterlife and Dreamstate keeping them on their toes. New album “Proxy” is just a couple of weeks old so keep your eyes peeled for that one.