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Playthrough: “Akumu” from Ibaraki!

Celebrating the release of the more than a decade in gestation “Rashomon“, the debut album from his Black Metal side project Ibaraki, Trivium guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy has shared a playthrough video for “Akumu“, a cut that features a guest appearance his hero Nergal from Behemoth. It has to be something special when people

Exclusive Interview: Kouta talk debut EP “Aarnihauta” and new material!

A Finnish Folk tinged Black Metal act inspired by a love of old Nordic lore, myths and legends Kouta unveiled their debut EP “Aarnihauta” last month, one which thematically tells of the appearance of the mythological being from which the band take their name, whose malevolence brings judgment and despair upon the treacherous mankind. Intrigued

Review: Self Titled by BRZASK

Hailing from very heart of the Sudeten mountains and taking influence and inspiration from Sudetian folklore, the cult of “Rubezahl” and Sudetian legends are Polish Blackened Death Metal quintet BRZASK. Mixing and mastering of their self titled EP was done by Andrzej Jagielski, who recorded it with the band; Toer (Vocals), Dod (Guitar), Hoggorm (Guitar), Darlig