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Bootleg: “Ruina” from Bleed From Within!

Pro-Shot by Tom JD Armstrong and with an audio mix from Rory Doherty, here’s a soundcheck cut of “Ruina” from Bleed From Within! It was recorded in Leipzig Germany during the bands run with the reformed As I Lay Dying. The Glaswegian Metallers are currently trekking across Europe with Crossfaith and Of Mice & Men.

Playthrough: “Afterlife” from Bleed From Within!

Having laid down the gauntlet with what has to go down as one of the finest returns from the wilderness in Metal with “Era”, Bleed From Within took on Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. Here’s drum cam footage of sticksman Ali Richardson showing them all how it’s done in style!

Bootleg: “Cast Down” from Bleed From Within!

Pro-Shot at Epic Studios in Norwich, here’s Glaswegian’s Bleed From Within performing “Cast Down” during their recent run with Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats and Nepalese Metalcore crew Underside. Their April 2018 released album “Era”, their return release after a 5 year hiatus, is out now via Century Media. It made our Top #5 albums of 2018!

Playthrough: “Cast Down” from Bleed From Within!

As their tour with Cancer Bats and Underside reaches the end of its UK run, Bleed From Within sticksman Ali Richardson has laid down this highly impressive drum playthrough for “Cast Down”. The song appears on the Glaswegian’s return from 5 year hiatus “Era” which is out now via Century Media. It made our Top

Interview: Bleed From Within Talk to Mike James!

Mike James from The Mike James Rock Show interviewed Bleed From Within guitarist Steven Jones during the bands ongoing run with Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats and Underside. The pair talk about the return of the Glaswegian Metallers after 5 years in the wilderness and what it’s like being the “new” guy in the line-up having

Interview: Cancer Bats talk Touring!

The man himself Mike James from the Mike James Rock Show caught up with Liam Cormier, the frontman from Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats while they’re upon our shores with Bleed From Within and Underside. Check out our review of the Reading show!

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2018!

It’s Listmania season. That time around the Holidays when anyone and everyone is throwing out their Babies with their bathwater along with their top this and best of that. We’ll be honest. We aren’t fans of these epically long lists of albums or bands or whatever. Who hasn’t got some form of ADHD in 2018

NEWS: Cancer Bats, Bleed From Within & Underside Spring Tour!

After the surprise release of “The Spark That Moves” during their 10th Anniversary shows for “Hail Destroyer”, Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats have been upon our shores more than most. In 2019 that will continue with a huge run of dates with Underside and Bleed From Within announced in the opening pair of months! January