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Playthrough: “Afterlife” from The Myopia Condition!

Filmed and edited by Sammy Booker at The Cheddar Pit Studio The Myopia Condition bassist Robert Fearey has recorded a bass playthrough for “Afterlife” from one of our favourite albums of 2020 in “Event Horizon“, a DJent fueled Progressive Death Metal monster that you have to hear to believe. Darkglass amps, LTD basses, String Joy

Riff Police! Pull Over! #133: The Myopia Condition Vs Dio!

Originally formed by guitarist Josh Gould and drummer Greg Glenn to commit to tape some ideas that had been running around Gould’s head for years, Alberta Canadians The Myopia Condition seriously impressed with their debut album “Event Horizon” in October 2020. Occupying Progressive Technical Death Metal territory and citing influences as wide ranging as Meshuggah, Lamb

Bootleg: “Empty Room” from The Myopia Condition!

Their debut album maybe due out on 16th October but Canadian DJent fueled Metallers The Myopia Condition have been playing those songs for a couple of years at this point. We’ve reviewed the album, a pleasure you can’t measure and one of it’s finer cuts is “Empty Room“, so while you wait for the record

Review: “Event Horizon” by The Myopia Condition

“I created the Event Horizon to reach the stars, but she’s gone much, much farther than that. She tore a hole in our universe, a gateway to another dimension. A dimension of pure chaos. Pure… evil. When she crossed over, she was just a ship. But when she came back… she was alive! Look at

NEWS: The Myopia Condition have plans for the next life…

A third single from the upcoming The Myopia Condition album has surfaces with the DJentlemen already unveiling “Fighting Fables” and “Separating from Classification“. This time around they’ve offered us “Afterlife” with the album due on 16th October from the quintet who would like us to keep our Sam Neill jokes to ourselves. We’ll let their

NEWS: The Myopia Condition left “Fighting Fables”?

Where is Sam Neill when you need him? When it comes to the 1997 Science Fiction horror film Event Horizon, you don’t want to know. The Myopia Condition have set that as the title for their upcoming 16th October releasing album, with “Fighting Fables” their track of choice for a second single. Does it DJent?

NEWS: The Myopia Condition seek “Separation From Classification”!

Through a will to create pure rhythmic brilliant chaos, came a manifestation of power and heaviness from the west Canadian prairies The Myopia Condition was created. Hailing from Sh-Red Deer, Alberta The Myopia Condition has a sound that combines crushing rhythmic grooves, devastating breakdowns and tight riffage. Their influences range from Periphery and Meshuggah to

Review: “DCX2” by Diamond Construct

Back in July it was announced that the Australian dream team were back giving a helping hand to Diamond Construct with Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) recording, mixing and mastering this new EP and Colin Jeffs (ex-Aversions Crown, Tongues) directing a music video for “Psychosis”. The band, a Tech-Metal infused Metalcore quartet, comprising vocalist

Review: “Self Titled” by Diamond Construct

Taree is a town on the Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia. About 200 miles from Sidney it was settled in 1831 by William Wynter and from the 2016 census has grown to a population of around 26000. That population include Diamond Construct, a Tech-Metal infused Metalcore quartet comprising vocalist Kynan Groundwater, guitarist Braden