NEWS: The Myopia Condition have plans for the next life…

A third single from the upcoming The Myopia Condition album has surfaces with the DJentlemen already unveiling “Fighting Fables” and “Separating from Classification“. This time around they’ve offered us “Afterlife” with the album due on 16th October from the quintet who would like us to keep our Sam Neill jokes to ourselves. We’ll let their music do the talking.

The band comments: “We believe people will really dig the album. Especially our local metal family. We always hear good things after we play our local shows. (which we miss immensely) And I think they will appreciate finally having some of our stuff to play outside of live shows. As far as possible new fans? If they enjoy metal, I think they will be pleasantly surprised with something fresh and new. This song is about those who live with a hidden evildoing and just play it off like it doesn’t exist. Whether it is a partner who is having an affair or a child molester or rapist or murderer or one that even just spreads false words for their gain. I don’t understand how one could live with themselves after harming another human being in such ways and just play it off like it doesn’t bother their heart or soul. In time, the filth you are hiding will eventually catch up with you. You will be found out. Time is not on your side.”

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