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The Black Map #138: Force of Mortality from Oxford!

Spending the better part of a year in the shadowy basement practice room (or dingy garage) recording a debut full length after the success of their 2017 EP “Reincarnate The Immortal“, Oxford quartet Force of Mortality had been been trimmed from a quartet to a trio [Christmas gag? Trimming the tree? Too soon? ~ Ed.] 

Exclusive Interview: Force Of Mortality talk “New Dark World”!

Oxford isn’t just the home of a World famous University. A thriving music scene in a multicultural environment and a good number of solid Metal venues makes it a place for bands to grow and a number have risen to prominence. Residents Force Of Mortality spent most of 2019 recording their debut full length album

Review: “New Dark World” by Force Of Mortality

Forged in the furnace that is Oxford in 2016 before releasing their debut EP “Reincarnate The Immortal” independently as a quartet in the spring of 2017, Force of Mortality laid the foundations of what would become their debut album across 5 hard and heavy tracks that had already been part of their live show for

Documentary: “Hades” for Force Of Mortality!

Back in 2019, Force Of Mortality recorded an album by the name of “New Dark World” and from those studio sessions they’ve put together a making of for “Hades” that follows neatly on from the one they shot for “Driver“. They say that the album is coming soon but we know better. The Oxford Metallers

Documentary: The Making of “Driver” with Force Of Mortality!

Oxford Metallers Force Of Mortality may have recorded their single “Driver” during sessions in 2019 but they’ve been holding on to a making of featurette… Until now. The band have an album on the way on 23rd October in “New Dark World” that features the single. A sneak peak at a possible track list from August