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NEWS: Observist search for Human life in the wreckage?

After a first year that saw them make a serious impact with debut EP, “From The Ashes”, Melbourne Metal collective Observist are back with another offering in the form of  “Human”, one which brings to the Kings table both DJent and the low-tuned discordance of Thall. Produced by Kye Blomeley (In Vanity, Nicolas Cage Fighter, Anticline) and mastered

Review: “From The Ashes” by Coiled Around Thy Spine

Having played their parts in Gotland, Eyes of Hydra, Winter Lament, Unforced, Art Of Darkness, Dying Awkward Angel and Six-Point Lead Turin Italy based duo and seasoned musicians Sergio Costa (guitars, bass) and Daniele Rosso (vocals) started a Melodic Death Metal project together in Coiled Around Thy Spine which impressed with debut offering “Shades” in

NEWS: Coiled Around Thy Spine seek “Survival Instinct”?

Following 2018 debut record “Shades“, 17th May 2021 will see the sophomore album from American-Italian Rock Island, Illinois Melodic Death Metal act Coiled Around Thy Spine surface from the black depths. In the build up to the release of “From The Ashes” they’ve been unvieling a song each week from the record, the latest being

Bootleg: Broken Calling in London!

Hosted by the 0161 Metal collective at Redwall Studios in our capital city, here’s a full set from Broken Calling, a band who rose from the ashes of Spreading The Disease and who broke the attendance record when they played Facedown London. It features their 2019 EP “From The Ashes” in its entirety alongside single