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NEWS: The Earth Grew Dark for Gravewalker!

Originally forged in the fires of Hades in 2015, Dallas Texas Symphonic Deathcore collective Gravewalker were rebirthed in 2017 and following a demo and EP and a pair of brutal singles with high profit guest vocal appearances, 31st August will finally see a debut album smash into Planet Metal like the meteorite from Deep Impact.

NEWS: Gravewalker get washed up on the “Shores Of Perdition”!

Summoning forth a demon from the gates of hell Dallas Texas Symphonic Deathcore brutes Gravewalker have been quietly building a mountain in album “As The Earth Grew Dark“, Mixed And Mastered by Jeff Key of Key Recordings (Altered Perceptions, Wretched Tongues, Reflections) and set for 31st August. Pre-orders for the record may not be online as

NEWS: Gravewalker drop “Abomination”!

Dallas Texas Symphonic Deathcore brutes Gravewalker have put 31st August on their tombstone for “As The Earth Grew Dark“, an album which includes “Rise Leviathan“, a cut that sees Ben Duerr of Shadow of Intent making a guest vocal appearance. They have chosen “Abomination” as the latest single from the album Produced, Mixed and Mastered

NEWS: Time for Incubation with Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell!

Earlier today, Chugcore Promotions premiered a one off project track that sees no less that seven vocalists lend their throats to an instrumental from Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell. Entitled “Incubation“, it sees (in order of appearance) Jack White of Defilement, Dean Kerr Watson of Violent, Luke Franklin and Josh Fordham of The Cleansing,