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NEWS: Leo Moracchioli covers Green Day!

Taking his weekly cover to a whole new level, Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway has turned “American Idiot” by Green Day into a supremely meaty metal cut. No doubt Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad will be kicking his lips at the chance to play this with Frog Leap Live at the next run

Riff Police! Pull Over! #12: Chicago Vs Green Day!

American Punk Rockers Green Day have taken a lot of stick in their time for being influenced by every man and his dog and then getting paid for it. At last count we could do 14 songs worth of “Riff Police” on them alone. That’s an entire greatest hits album. Perhaps it’s that they’ve gained

Interview: Jeff Hickey of Norma Jean talks to Alternative Press!

Building the hype around Norma Jean‘s “Redeemer” anniversary tour with Protest The Hero (themselves on an anniversary run for “Fortress”), Cyclmn & Loathe, Alternative Press spoke to guitarist Jeff Hickey about style and influence. And you get to listen to him play some Green Day. “Dookie” anyone?