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Playthrough: “Instill” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

Why do we love them so? Back in 2017 they blew our minds at Tech-Fest and the addiction of seeing Humanity’s Last Breath live is something you can not escape. Resistance as they say is futile. A dual guitar playthrough video has emerged for “Instill” from their recently deceased album “Ashen“, which continues to showcase

Interview: Buster Odeholm talks guitars with Ola Englund!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Ola Englund talks to the man he calls a pioneer of the future of Metal in Buster Odeholm. The Humanity’s Last Breath guitarist is also the drummer in Vildhjarta as well as having his fingers in the pies of producing, mixing and mastering. Then we have

Playthrough: “Withering” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

Continuing the fear campaign of new album “Ashen“, a dual guitar playthrough video for “Withering” has been shared by Humanity’s Last Breath. Both axes are turned E, B ,E, A, Ab, A with 075, 059, 046, 030w, 014, 013 gauge strings as Buster Odeholm gives away a few secrets, the riffs a subliminal message we can

NEWS: Thall again from Vildhjarta…

Adorned by similar artwork to their August released single “+ den spanska känslan +” (or “The Spanish Feeling“), Swedish Thall pioneers Vildhjarta have unveiled “+ ylva +” (or “Eleven“) alongside a pair of new t-shirt designs here. Naturally mixed and mastered by drummer Buster Odeholm with both tracks following 2021’s critically acclaimed “Masstaden Under Vatten”

NEWS: Vildhjarta begin the inquisition?

669 days after the release of their last album “Måsstaden Under Vatten” via Century Media to much critical acclaim, Swedish Thall pioneers Vildhjarta have returned with a new single in “+ den spanska känslan +” (or “The Spanish Feeling“). You can bet your bottom dollar it was mixed and mastered by drummer Buster Odeholm, with

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath enter the dark…

There isn’t much more we can say that hasn’t already been said about Buster Odeholm and Humanity’s Last Breath except to say that the World awaits the cure for all ills that will be “Ashen” when it arrives on 4th August via Unique Leader Records. A record entirely in its masters vision, the band have

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath don’t like cranberries…

As “Ashen” is now a calendar month away, Humanity’s Last Breath have shared another from the Unique Leader Records releasing album. “Linger” is their cut of choice and 4th August the date before the band head out for a month long tour which will take them from Copenhagen Denmark to Stockholm Sweden. If you missed

NEWS: Blightfeeder premier first single “Exordium”!

Somewhere between Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta Buster Odeholm has found the time to master the debut single from Texas Deathcore collective Blightfeeder in “Exordium“. Adorned by stunning artwork from serially abused Deathcore and Death Metal artist Armaada Art (Eighty Thousand Dead, Ammut, Draconian Reign), it finds guitarist Evan Wadsworth, drummer Ethan Houston, vocalist Juan

Documentary: The Art of Ashen from Humanity’s Last Breath!

Ever wondered how the cover artwork, design and layouts are put together? If the answer to that is yes then your in for a treat as Humanity’s Last Breath have shared a featurette that finds Adrian Baxter and C. Saros of Saros Collective putting the work for their new monstrosity “Ashen” together. Preceded by first