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NEWS: Reflections see only black in the mirror…

How do you make something that is already Earth shatteringly heavy sound even heavier? The answer to that one is to get Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta fame to mix and mastered your cut at Impact Studios. He’s done exactly that for new cut “Noir” from Reflections and it can’t be a coincidence that

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath postpone until April 2022!

Like everyone else, Humanity’s Last Breath have been forced to move their European headlining tour trek back, this time by 12 months to from April 2021 to April 2022. That means that Black Tongue will no longer be able to join them for the run however the good news is that Reflections will be replacing them

NEWS: Reflections lift the black veil on “Cicada”!

We didn’t think it was possible for Reflections to get much heavier or darker than their album “Willow” but clearly we were wrong judging by new single “Cicada” which sees a guest appearance from Calle Thomer (Vildhjarta, Humanitys Last Breath, Stoort Neer). There is one man who could make them heavier and they have turned

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath “Dehumanize”!

A fourth single in “Dehumanize” has surfaced from the upcoming new Humanity’s Last Breath album “Välde” has surfaced, following “Glutton” following “Vittring” and “Tide”and once again comes with a video created by Tuomas Kurikka and Patrik Nuorteva of Riivata Visuals. The album itself will appear on 12th February via Unique Leader Records having been written,

NEWS: Orecus look “Below The Threshold”!

Swedish Death Metallers Orecus have released the second single from their upcoming debut album ‘The Obliterationist‘ which is set for the guillotine on 12th March via Violent Groove. The song is titled ‘Below The Threshold‘ features a guest vocal appearance by Fredrik Söderberg of Soreption fame and comes from an album that has been had a re-amp,

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath premier “Glutton”!

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios and with a video created by Tuomas Kurikka and Patrik Nuorteva of Riivata Visuals, Humanity’s Last Breath have given us another new single ahead of album “Välde” on 12th February 2021. The record will appear via label home Unique Leader Records with “Glutton” following

Playthrough: “Harm” from Faces Of Eve!

We hadn’t figured Faces Of Eve bassist Owen Morris to go this heavy but hats off to him, he’s chosen to give us a bass playthrough video for a rendition of “Harm” by Humanity’s Last Breath. He’s using and Ibanez BTB705DX- EBEAD 5 string sized with .160 .120 .90 .67 .40 on Darkglass Electronics XUltra

Planet Metal #2: Mother Russia!

The second installment of our Planet Metal series sees us traveling from Italy to Russian shores to provide you with five bands from the region that we think are very much worthy of your time as they have demanded our attention over recent releases. From Death Metal to Progressive Technical and Deathcore, these bands are

Playthrough: “Tide” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

Knowing that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, Buster Odeholm has made himself busy during the year of the Great Plague. Remixing and remastering his early works with Humanity’s Last Breath and a number of other bands works at Impact Studios while also writing a new record. That album will be unleased on 12th February

NEWS: Dead/Awake ride into town…

… for the second time with a fresh version of “The Pale Horse” dubbed “The Pale Horse 2.0” which features a guest appearance from none other than Donny Bleakley of Still_bloom as well as being mixed and mastered by Davide Aroldi, otherwise known as HVZE and receiving a re-amp from Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last