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NEWS: Nekrodawn offer termination services!

They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer and formed in Dalma in October 2022, Nekrodawn are a Swedish Death Metal act to keep one eye on. A collective of seasoned musicians known for a wealth of  prior convictions including Centinex, Face Breaker and Moondark who also have current Hypocrisy drummer

Interview: Hypocrisy talk “Worship” with Heavy New York!

Unwittingly for Hypocrisy, October has become a month filled with anniversaries and it doesn’t seem possible that we’ve reached the 28th year milestone for “Osculum Obscenum“, let alone the 24th for “The Final Chapter” and the 29th for “Penetralia” from Peter Tägtgren’s Swedish Death Metal project. 26th November via Nuclear Blast will see the next

Documentary: Brutal Assault Festival Aftermovie!

Accompanied by music from Horrible Creatures, Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic have shared an Aftermovie documentary about their mini Festival Josefstadt. So far only footage of cuts from Peter Tägtgren’s Swedish Death Metallers Hypocrisy set have emerged but more is expected in the not too distant future. This year would have marked the

Bootleg: “Adjusting The Sun” from Hypocrisy!

A second cut from Hypocrisy in Czech Republic on 13th August has surfaced in “Adjusting The Sun” as the band ripped up the script at Brutal Assault Festival ahead of Alcatraz Festival in Belgium some 23 years after they obliterated Wacken. As this year is the 21st anniversary of the bands seventh studio album “Into

Bootleg: “Killing Art” from Hypocrisy!

Peter Tägtgren’s exit from Lindemann may have come as a surprise given the success of the project but his desire to return to his other bands has to be respected. Already back on the road with Hypocrisy, here’s “Killing Art” from the band in the Czech Republic on 13th August, which is kind of ironic

Bootleg: “Home Sweet Home” from Lindemann!

The question on the lips of the fans of Lindemann is where does Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann take the project now that Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) has exited stage left. The problem being that the Swedish-German Industrial supergroup created sweet, sweet music together with two albums in 4 years. That is something we’re

Exclusive Interview: Enigmatical talk Transmission EP series!

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden Enigmatical band are comprised of multi instrumentalist The Entity who handles guitars, bass, keyboards, samples and programming alongside a vocalist simply named The Voice. Together they have forged a trilogy of EP’s called “Transmission” that first appeared on the bandcamp frequency in March 2019 and came to an end in October 2020.

Review: “Cover Compilation” by God Syndrome

A Melodic Death Metal act formed in Samara Russia in 2011, God Syndrome take influence from the Death Metal scenes in America, Sweden and Poland to create their sound which is highlighted as they pay tribute to their heroes with this covers EP. The band consists of Vocalist Pavel Bamburov, guitarist Sergey Aksenov, bassist Dmitry

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT. Venom.

Paying tribute to a band from Newcastle upon Tyne who essentially formed a cornerstone foundation block of influence for not only Black Metal and Death Metal but also early 80’s Thrash in Venom, today’s head to head that is Vs. Tuesday has been a long time coming. We simply don’t have enough fingers or toes