Exclusive Interview: Enigmatical talk Transmission EP series!

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden Enigmatical band are comprised of multi instrumentalist The Entity who handles guitars, bass, keyboards, samples and programming alongside a vocalist simply named The Voice. Together they have forged a trilogy of EP’s called “Transmission” that first appeared on the bandcamp frequency in March 2019 and came to an end in October 2020. So we caught up with them to talk about their World…

Infusing Black Metal with Electronic and Industrial soundscapes is pretty unique conceptually and we’ve compared your sound to Spankraght, Godflesh and even Rammstein in parts. Who were your influences in putting the project together?Biggest overall influence would probably be Peter Tägtgren, be it Hypocrisy, Pain, lyrical concept or his work in The Abyss studio. But a lot of ideas of putting the project together comes from “Lord K” of The Project Hate MCMXCIX and Torture Division. He infuse a lot of different styles of music that he likes on The Project Hate MCMXCIX and released 3-song trilogy series for the more straight-forward Torture Division material. Both are ideas that I have put in use for Enigmatical. And as for Rammstein, you guys are not wrong. A lot of the riffs and choruses would probably not sound the way they do if I didn’t listen to Rammstein a lot during the 20+ years of me being a fan.

We believe in music without limits and finding new sounds is often inspiring. When you were creating the “Transmission” saga how did you think Black Metal purists would react?With hate and despise honestly. I had no idea who would actually be interested in hearing what we came up when we released the first EP. But so far, we have only gotten good responses for our releases. Each getting better response then the prior. Which have been mind blowing for us.

How did the lyrical concept which takes us through a dark multiverse from the perspective of interdimensional entities, dwelling within the dark energy among us come about and what were the inspirations behind that?Being interested in the cosmos, the multiverse theory, the simulation hypothesis and the alien conspiracies gave birth to the lyrical concept. Its very much its own world, even though some have thought of us as a alien conspiracy band. And while that is very much a part of the lyrical concept as well, its much more of a sci-fi affair.

What equipment did you use in the studio to create the music of Enigmatical and how did you go about getting the balance right in the mix? Did you think about bringing anyone into the studio to assist with outside ears?I record using Studio One and Presonus. Which is great for the electronic elements. I use 2 guitars, a 7-string Ibanez (RG series) and a 6-string Gibson (Vampire Blood). For bass I have a Warwick (RockBass). We did get a sound engineer to listen to some rough mixes of “Transmission II”, and his inputs and tips is something I still think of when producing and mixing. Overall I like to balance everything in a way that makes myself happy, that way I think I also get a more “unique” sound then to try to copy another sound.

There are no guest musicians in the “Transmission” saga so if you had the opportunity, who would you have liked to bring in?That would have to be Peter Tägtgren. No matter if its for vocals, instruments, producing. Just to steal a few moments of that busy mans life for my project would be a dream come true!

With the “Transmission” saga coming to an end, what does the future hold for Enigmatical?First and foremost the compilation of the 3 “Transmission” EPs needs to be remixed and remastered for both digital and physical release. Then Enigmatical will move forward to the next project which most likely will be a string of singles. The reason for that is many, limited time being one of them. Another reason is the freedom of creativity when it comes to style and production, specially when you want to experiment as every song will become its own adventure. But I do want to release a proper full-length album in the near future as well…

The “Transmission” saga from Enigmatical is available over at bandcamp

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