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NEW: Enigmatical march onward “Into the Vortex of Cosmic”!

Continuing the transmission in Black Metal, a new signal from the entity known as Enigmatical has been received. Titled “Into the Vortex of Cosmic” it marks the second message received from a forthcoming album titled “Total Entropy Agenda“, the cover art for which depicts and Alien space craft and a character that resembles one created

Exclusive Interview: Enigmatical talk Transmission EP series!

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden Enigmatical band are comprised of multi instrumentalist The Entity who handles guitars, bass, keyboards, samples and programming alongside a vocalist simply named The Voice. Together they have forged a trilogy of EP’s called “Transmission” that first appeared on the bandcamp frequency in March 2019 and came to an end in October 2020.

Review: “Transmission I” by Enigmatical

Having been dragged kicking and screaming through a hole in the space time continuum by Demons who want to eat our brains, we return to March 2019 and the release of the first EP in the trilogy from Enigmatical entitled “Transmission I“. As the saga in now complete and we have reviewed the second and