Review: “Transmission I” by Enigmatical

Having been dragged kicking and screaming through a hole in the space time continuum by Demons who want to eat our brains, we return to March 2019 and the release of the first EP in the trilogy from Enigmatical entitled “Transmission I“. As the saga in now complete and we have reviewed the second and third parts, it only seems fitting that we should return to where the journey began for the duo The Entity (Guitars, bass, electronics, programming) and The Voice (Vocals) in Stockholm Sweden.

Enigmatical take the essence of Black Metal and combine it with electronic soundscapes with accompanying science fiction lyrical themes that intertwine each of their transmissions, taking us on a journey through a dark multiverse from the perspective of interdimensional beings who dwell within the dark energy among us and feed off our very souls like parasites. The first transmission began with “Zero One (Infancy Of Infinity)”, which takes warmer orchestration and combines it with a primitive 80’s industrial backdrop to create something sinister and urgent. The blood curdling vocals are that of a demonic space dragon, roaring fire and flames down upon those who wish to do it harm. There are obvious comparisons with acts like Belgium’s Spankraght and Jumpman who take their love of retro video games like Doom and use the soundtracks that they created as inspiration and “Enstrangled Cosmic Spirals” is one which is painted with the same brush. Barked vocals in English make for a much more straightforward listen without detracting from the piece as a whole before the tension of “Ekpyrotic Gateways” begins to build. Sounding like a 90’s remix of another track, such is it’s bleak and cold industrial composition, it bounces off the walls of your mind like a bullet ricochet [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Zero One (Infancy of Infinity)
  2. Enstrangled Cosmic Spirals
  3. Ekpyrotic Gateways

Transmission I” by Enigmatical is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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