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Documentary: The Making of “The Blindness of Faith” In Malice’s Wake!

Thrash infused Death Metal operatives In Malice’s Wake have laid down the gauntlet with their fourth album “The Blindness of Faith“, the Australians delivering some majestic solos to serve energetic circle pits. Five months after the album appeared the band have put together a making of documentary which features interviews with all of the band

NEWS: In Malice’s Wake get visual with “Gehenna”!

Australian Death Metal titans In Malice’s Wake have delivered a visualizer for “Gehenna” from their recently released album “The Blindness of Faith”. The song title comes from the name of a trash fire South of Jerusalem where the corpses of prisoners and criminals were disposed of and it’s named became a synonym for hell itself.

Review: “The Blindness of Faith” by In Malice’s Wake

Returning with their fifth album since their 2008 debut “Eternal Nightfall“, Shaun Farrugia (Vocals and Guitars), Leigh Bartley (Lead Guitars), Karl Watterson (Bass) and Mark Farrugia (Drums) are considered veterans of a Melbourne Australia Metal scene that has given us a wealth of bands over that time. Their band In Malice’s Wake is renowned for

NEWS: In Malice’s Wake stare at the “Graven Image”!

Taking footage from the songs live debut in Melbourne Australia as a tribute to the bloodthirsty home town support that the band has enjoyed for over a decade, In Malice’s Wake have dropped a music video for “Graven Image” from their upcoming new album “The Blindness Of Faith“. A dominant Thrash infused Death Metal force in