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NEWS: Catalysis transcend once more!

Mixed and mastered by Mendel Bi Delij, Scottish Metallers Catalysis have re-recorded fan favourite “Transcend” with their current line up to give us something else to enjoy just before the Holiday season comes into full flow. The band released their full debut album earlier this year in “Connection Lost” and it is very much a

The Black Map #123: Catalysis from Dundee!

Originally formed as a quartet in late 2016 and hailing from Dundee in Scotland, Catalysis laid their foundations with a pair of EPs in 2017’s “Into The Unknown” and 2018’s self-titled “Catalysis” while making regular Viking style raids across Scotland for shows with bands like To Kill Achilles, Black Blood and Harbinger. As anyone in any

Review: “Connection Lost” by Catalysis

A four piece Metal band from Dundee, Scotland who formed in late 2016 and has issued a pair of EPs to date in 2017’s “Into The Unknown” and 2018’s self-titled, Catalysis are a band with firm roots in Thrash. Having spent 2019 writing their debut full length and sharing stages with the likes of Gutlocker,