The Black Map #123: Catalysis from Dundee!

Originally formed as a quartet in late 2016 and hailing from Dundee in Scotland, Catalysis laid their foundations with a pair of EPs in 2017’s “Into The Unknown” and 2018’s self-titled “Catalysis” while making regular Viking style raids across Scotland for shows with bands like To Kill Achilles, Black Blood and Harbinger. As anyone in any band would hope, each year since their inception has seen growth and milestones accomplished and 2019 was huge. Making their debut in the Metal 2 The Masses competition to win a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock in Glasgow, eventually dropping out in Round #2 Heat #3. As if that wasn’t enough, they left the country for the first time, heading out to Belgium to play Ragnarok Bree. Now a quintet comprising Col MacGregor (Lead Vocals), Drew Cochrane (Lead Guitar + Vocals), Sean Ramson (Rhythm Guitar + Vocals), Calum Rennie (Drums) and Kenneth Valentine (Bass), 2020 has been the bands debut full length “Connection Lost” drop and what a record that is. It sports a pair of guest appearances with the band opting to bring in a pair of six string legends in Phil Demmel of Vio-lence and formerly Machine Head as well as Joey Radziwill of Sacred Reich.

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