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Interview: Butcher Babies talk upcoming plans…

The latest episode of the “Party Time Excellent” series sees Lena Scissorhands from Infected Rain chat to long time friend Heidi Shepherd from Butcher Babies about pretty much everything and anything going. The pair originally met in 2013 and so have a wealth of history with shared stages and the state of Metal for Women

NEWS: Butcher Babies pour themselves another?

Following the release of the audio only version of “Bottom Of A Bottle” a couple of weeks back, Butcher Babies have given it the music video treatment in celebration of a decade of destruction. The track sees Andy James drop a solo while vocalist Heidi Shepherd has plunged into the bands archive to put together

NEWS: Butcher Babies premier “Bottom Of A Bottle”!

Had it gone ahead, the 20th Anniversary edition of Bloodstock Festival would have marked a return to the stage for Butcher Babies for the first time since the end of the tour cycle for their third album “Lilith“, but alas, the great plague has meant that has shuffled back to 2021. Instead we’ve had a

Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Las Vegas!

2020 looked set to be a year that Butcher Babies returned with a new fourth studio album having been announced at various European Metal Festivals this summer including the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock. But it hasn’t happened and instead Heidi Shepherd and Henry Flury have been entertaining is with live stream coffee mornings. The band

Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Moscow!

So we were hoping that 2020 would bring new material from Butcher Babies in the form of a fourth studio record to follow up 2017’s “Lilith“, especially seeing as they were announced as appearing at the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock this summer. However for obvious reasons that hasn’t happened so the only new material we’ve

Bootleg: Butcher Babies at Rock On The Range!

Filmed at Rock on The Range on 20th May 2016, Butcher Babies have released their full behind the band set from Kyle Cam. It includes “Blonde Girls All Look The Same” and “Jesus Needs More Babies For His War Machine” as the band tear it up. They are currently set to release an as yet

Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Moscow!

Filmed at the ZIL Arena in Moscow Russia on 24th October, here’s a full set from Butcher Babies! Including their ZZ Top and Napoleon XIV covers in a near 90 minute set alongside cuts from all three of their albums, it’s an excellent watch! The band are currently touring “Lilith” which was released last year