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Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Moscow!

So we were hoping that 2020 would bring new material from Butcher Babies in the form of a fourth studio record to follow up 2017’s “Lilith“, especially seeing as they were announced as appearing at the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock this summer. However for obvious reasons that hasn’t happened so the only new material we’ve

Bootleg: Butcher Babies at Rock On The Range!

Filmed at Rock on The Range on 20th May 2016, Butcher Babies have released their full behind the band set from Kyle Cam. It includes “Blonde Girls All Look The Same” and “Jesus Needs More Babies For His War Machine” as the band tear it up. They are currently set to release an as yet

Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Moscow!

Filmed at the ZIL Arena in Moscow Russia on 24th October, here’s a full set from Butcher Babies! Including their ZZ Top and Napoleon XIV covers in a near 90 minute set alongside cuts from all three of their albums, it’s an excellent watch! The band are currently touring “Lilith” which was released last year

Bootleg: “Monsters Ball” from Butcher Babies!

Captured on their “Kings & Queens Tour” with Sumo Cyco, Nonpoint, Islander & Cane Hill, here’s Butcher Babies performance of “Monsters Ball” from their second album “Take It Like A Man”. The group’s current effort “Lilith” is out now via Century Media. Check out our review!

Playlist: Butcher Babies Raraties Collection!

Monday morning is here again. Yuk. Let’s have a random selection of Butcher Babies rarities to lift the spirits (sadly not a bottle of). Carla Harvey joins the Ultimate Jam Night crew at The Whiskey for a cover of “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead, while Heidi Shepherd does to same for “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.

NEWS: “Look What We’ve Done” video from Butcher Babies!

Butcher Babies have released an extended video for “Look What We’ve Done” from their third album “Lilith” which is out now via Century Media. The nearly 10 minute affair covers off the bands recent touring activities in small segments and makes for interesting viewing. Feel free to check out our review of the album.

Bootleg: Butcher Babies acoustic set!

Filmed at the recent Monster Energy California Rebellion Festival, here’s a full acoustic set from Butcher Babies from the Zippo Encore stage. The annual event takes place at Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. Butcher Babies third album “Lilith”, their first with new drummer Chase Brickenden, is out now via Century Media.

Bootleg: Butcher Babies perform “Lilith” in London!

Taken from their recent set at London’s Tufnell Park Dome, here’s the title track from Butcher Babies new album. “Lilith” is out now via Century Media. Heidi Shepard said at the start of the set that she’d lost her voice. I don’t think so! You can check out our review of the album and that