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Documentary: Sepultura in Santa Rosa!

When you’re in an international touring Metal Band, there must come a time when you think you’ve played everywhere there is to play and seen all the places there are to see. Well, Sepultura harnessed their inner Christopher Columbus’s and headed down to the far south of their native Brazil to play a show in

Bootleg: Sepultura at Wacken 2018!

Some 50 miles from Hamburg, Germany and with it’s iconic Bull Skull logo, Wacken Open Air Festival is perhaps the most well known of the annual Metal festivals. Celebrating 28 years this year having been established in 1990 and attracting some 80,000 metal fans from around the globe, it’s not surprising that it’s a festival

Bootleg: “Desperate Cry” performed by Sepultura at Wacken!

Its not often you can get your friends on stage for a song. It’s even rarer to be able to get your family on stage. From their set on 1st August at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany and featuring a guest appearance from Yohan Kisser, here’s Sepultura performing “Desperate Cry”. Got to be a

Documentary: Sepultura European Tour Diary #4!

Part #4 of the Sepultura “Machine Messiah” tour diary which documents their European run with Obscura, GoatWhore and Uber Producer Will Putney’s band Fit For An Autopsy has arrived! This time out, guitarist Andreas Kisser provides us with a full tour rig run down, while the Brazilian Metallers play a quartet of shows across Czech

Playthrough: “Arise” from Sepultura!

An absolute stone wall classic this. Drum Cam footage of Sepultura sticksman Eloy Casagrande playing “Arise” at the Dicky Woodstock Popfestival in Holland on 3rd August. The Brazilian legends current album “Machine Messiah” is a real return to form and the band have begun writing new material towards the next release.

Bootleg: Sepultura in Germany!

Filmed at the Zeche, Bochum, Germany stop of the “Machine Messiah” European tour, here’s a full set, 93 minutes of Sepultura from 21st March 2018. It has to be said that while they are only two parts of the bands original line-up, they still know how to put on a killer live show!