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Review: “Crusader” by Mantic Ritual

The beginning of a new chapter for Mantic Ritual is a fine opportunity for us to take a look back to their roots because before too long they’re going to be releasing a wealth of new material via new label home M-Theory Audio and “Crusader“, is simply the blast test ahead of the one that

NEWS: Meltdown bring the sledgehammer!

Killswitch Engage fans Meltdown went to the effort of tracking down their bassist and renowned artist Mike D’Antonio for the cover art for their album “Deadringer” which tells you how proud they are of it. It was also mixed and mastered by the legendary Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden (Architects, At The

Playthrough: “Senses Overload” from Meltdown!

Back in October we reviewed “Dead Ringer” by Norwegian Metalcore crew Meltdown, which has cover art work from Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio was also mixed and mastered by the legendary Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden (Architects, At The Gates, In Flames) and a fine piece of work it is too. Drummer Hans-Jacob Silvery was

Review: “Deadringer” by Meltdown

There is more to Norway and Scandinavia than frostbitten Black Metal, frozen riffs, corpse paint, Skiing, Viking landmarks and breathtaking fjords?  Hailing from Fredrikstad in South East Norway are Meltdown, a five piece comprising guitarists Jorgen C. Hansen and Tor Audun Johansen-Sorli beside vocalist Stephan Hay, drummer Hans-Jacob Silvery and bassist Morten Nilsen who have

NEWS: Meltdown believe “Death Is A Promise”!

Recorded at The Metal Factory Studios by Alvaro Remacha and featuring a guest appearance from Landmvrks frontman Florent Salfati comes “Death Is A Promise”, a brand new music video from Meltdown! Hailing from the Basque Country and signed to Stay Sick Recordings, the song comes from their 2018 album “From This Day to the Grave”.