Review: “Crusader” by Mantic Ritual

The beginning of a new chapter for Mantic Ritual is a fine opportunity for us to take a look back to their roots because before too long they’re going to be releasing a wealth of new material via new label home M-Theory Audio and “Crusader“, is simply the blast test ahead of the one that is going to bring the tower block crashing to the ground. Starting life as Meltdown in 2005 the band built a reputation for themselves in the American Northwest over two years of Thrash live shows before moving to Los Angeles in 2007 where they joined the Southern Californian Thrash revival alongside Warbringer, Fueled By Fire, and Merciless Death and earned themselves a record deal with Nuclear Blast. The group then changed their name to Mantic Ritual for full length “Executioner” which dropped in 2009 and then touring with Rotting Christ and Destruction before splitting a year later. Since then members of the band have performed with Warbringer and Gygax

Whatever the reason for the 2010 split, “Executioner” remains a classic Thrash album and to have the band back more than a decade on is good news, their new work very much in the highly anticipated category while also being bundled with a little bit of trepidation. Mantic Ritual have a legacy and what they sound like here is very much going to determine if fans of their prior work are going to enjoy them once more. Fortunately “Crusader” continues where the band left of with “Kill ’em All” era Metallica style vocals, Jazzy bass inspirations, blistering solos and a classic 80s Thrash nostalgia feel that just makes you want to crack a smile and headbang. Then you have “Black Funeral“, a wisely chosen cover that allows the band to pull out all the stops with slick solos and show off more than a little while tipping their hat to a band that inspired many. This two track litmus test is a glorious reminder of what Mantic Ritual sound like and is very well received [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Crusader
  2. Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate cover)

“Crusader” by Mantic Ritual is out 28th January 2022 with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

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