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Review: “Heart Set Stone” by Mantic Ritual

Back in January Pittsburgh Thrash overlords Mantic Ritual announced their return with a 7″ vinyl via new label home M-Theory Audio, the beginning of a new chapter for an outfit who were originally called Meltdown in 2005. They changed their name to for a full length titled “Executioner” which dropped in 2009 via Nuclear Blast

Review: “Transformer Treatment” by Necrodeath

Italian Blackened Thrash trailblazers Necrodeath have to be considered one of the most important names in Extreme Metal, grinding their axes for approaching 40 years having formed in 1984 while taking inspiration from the likes of Venom, Slayer and Sodom along the way. A resurgence in the genre has breathed new life into the outfit

NEWS: Necrodeath transform with Time To Kill Records!

Returning for the firs time since 2019’s “Defragments of Insanity“, itself a re-recording of 1989’s “Fragments of Insanity“, Necrodeath are showing no desire to call time on a near forty year career. On March 30th 2022 the  Italian Blackened Thrash metal trailblazers  will drop a 7″ vinyl titled “Transformer Treatment / Come to the Sabbath”

Review: “Crusader” by Mantic Ritual

The beginning of a new chapter for Mantic Ritual is a fine opportunity for us to take a look back to their roots because before too long they’re going to be releasing a wealth of new material via new label home M-Theory Audio and “Crusader“, is simply the blast test ahead of the one that

Riff Police! Pull Over! #82: Mercyful Fate Vs Ted Nugent!

A  re-written Brats demo that was originally titled “Night Riders” and sees King Diamond at his storytelling finest, “Curse of the Pharaohs” is one of the best known songs from the 1983 debut album “Melissa” by Mercyful Fate. Recorded and mixed at Easy Sounds Studios in Copenhagen with Producer Henrik Lund with lyrics from vocalist King

Riff Police! Pull Over! #68: Mercyful Fate Vs Iron Maiden!

Danish Heavy Metallers Mercyful Fate formed in Copenhagen in 1981 with influences in Progressive and Hard Rock as well as Black Metal. Their 1983 debut album “Melissa” was recorded and mixed at Easy Sounds Studios in Copenhagen with producer and studio owner Henrik Lund in just 12 days, with the band arranging and rehearsing the