Review: “Transformer Treatment” by Necrodeath

Italian Blackened Thrash trailblazers Necrodeath have to be considered one of the most important names in Extreme Metal, grinding their axes for approaching 40 years having formed in 1984 while taking inspiration from the likes of Venom, Slayer and Sodom along the way. A resurgence in the genre has breathed new life into the outfit and after the well received “Defragments of Insanity“ in 2019, itself a re-recording of 1989’s “Fragments of Insanity“ that benefits from modern production and without loosing any of the original class, Necrodeath are showing no desire to call time on the career with a new double a side single paving the way for the next chapter to begin…

Like many bands of late including Sepultura and Eighteen Visions, Necrodeath have sought lyrical inspiration in classic fictional works and “Transformer Treatment” is a song written in collaboration with S.B. Reder of Schizo fame and inspired by the “Ludovico Technique” of the movie “A Clockwork Orange“. As soon as the sinister riffs and rumbling bass begin it’s clear that Necrodeath are growing old disgracefully, refusing to rest on their laurels and continuing to wear the crown of thorns. Flegias dry throated raspy vocal is unmistakable and similar to Zetro from Exodus while the quartet offer a darker and more menacing style with darker tales to tell and in this vicious little ditty they execute everything to perfection and bring another classic to the King’s table. If you thought that Necrodeath weren’t going to impose their own style on “Come to the Sabbath” for their Mercyful Fate Cover then guess again as they have made it darkly wicked without taking away any of the style or swagger of the original with classic Thrash riffs throwing down the gauntlet for any would be storm chasers. The soloing is absolutely stunning in the latter half and the end result is a cover masterfully crafted and enriched by the additions [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Transformer Treatment
  2. Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate Cover)

Transformer Treatment” by Necrodeath is out 30th March 2022 via Time To Kill Records with pre-orders available over at bandcamp

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