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NEWS: Ded see nothing but ghosts…

$20? Probably going to get spent on something that will rot the teeth or the mind… or both. Nu-Metal revivalists Ded don’t have that issue as their minds are already rotten to the cerebral cortex as this new music video for “Ghost” from their album “School Of Thought” proves. The Hide Out Studios in Las

Throwback: “Anti-Everything” from Ded!

It seems unreal that Arizona Nu-Metal revivalists Ded have been around since 2015 and even more so that their debut album “Misanthrope” has reached its five year anniversary. Whether it was the music videos directed by Fred Durst, their tireless touring or simply the anthemic choruses of cuts like “Anti-Everything“, they’re a band that has

NEWS: DED take “Kill Beautiful Things” acoustic!

Bringing those same vibes and qualities that Alice In Chains brought to their iconic MTV Unplugged performance, Nu-Metal revivalists DED have shared an acoustic rendition of “Kill Beautiful Things” that sees drummer Matt Reinhard looking particularly nervous. It follows a live version of the same track released at the end of last month as the

NEWS: DED just want to destroy beauty…

…with upcoming shows with In This Moment, Black Veil Brides and Raven Black as well as Aftershock Festival on the horizon, Tempe Arizona Nu-Metal revivalists DED have followed up single “Mannequin Eyes” with “Kill Beautiful Things“. It’s not clear as yet whether this one is the first from a highly anticipated sophomore album or just

Interview: DED talk dream tour with Digital Tour Bus!

DED frontman Joe Cotela spoke very eloquently about his first concert ever, a festival in Phoenix Arizona so now that he offers his dream tour via Digital Tour Bus, we’re all ears. The Nu-Metal revivalists have been working on a sophomore album after stop gap EP “Mannequin Eyes” gave them a little breathing space.

Interview: Ded talk First Concert Ever!

Festivals, you have to love them. The atmosphere, a large group of people heading out for the same bands in unprecedented numbers, new sights and sounds, the food, the beers. Alright not the beers for a then 12 year old Joe Cotela, frontman for Nu-Metal revivalists DED but his love of something he went to

Interview: Nu-Metal Revivalists DED talk to Heavy New York!

The success of Nu-Metal revivalists Ded, a band out of Tempe Arizona made up of former members of made up of members from Greeley Estates, Man Made Machine and The Cover Up since 2016 has been nothing short of impressive and they can thank Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit for directing a pair of music

NEWS: DED call out the parasites in paradise!

March might have only seen Nu-Metal revivalists DED premier a pair of new songs already heard live but August now sees a new, sorry, Nu DED cut previously unheard anywhere. Frontman Joe Cotela described “Parasite” as being one of the heavier cuts from a batch that the band are using lockdown to work on before

NEWS: DED go acoustic!

After their double A side 7″ vinyl and digital release “Mannequin Eyes” a couple of months back, DED have recorded an acoustic version of the title track “A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby)“. Whether the EP is a teaser for an upcoming full length album or these are just stand alone tracks remains unknown but one thing

NEWS: Ded serve the Mannequin!

Nu-Metal revivalists DED surprised with a two track EP “Mannequin Eyes” a month ago, three years after 2017’s “Mis An Thrope“. Perhaps it’s a just a taster or stop gap for a full length in the later half of 2020 – but not having had a music video ready for the release seemed an even