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NEWS: Krisiun premier “War Blood Hammer”!

On the day of the release of “Mortem Solis” the new album from Brazilian Death Metal legends Krisiun, a lyric video produced by Cloud Music Typography for “War Blood Hammer” has landed via label home Century Media. The album appears four years after the very well received “Scourge Of The Enthroned” and runs to ten

NEWS: Krisiun bury the hatchet…

Something wicked this way comes on 29th July with Brazilian Death Metal legends Krisiun letting us have another advanced single in “Swords Into Flesh” from their new offering “Mortem Solis“. This one comes complete with a music video directed by Estevam Romera and will have Century Media once again licking their lips at the prospect,

Interview: Krisiun talk “Mortem Solis” with Heavy New York!

The return of Heavy New York continues to gather momentum with Brazilian Death Metal masters Krisiun letting their drummer Max Kolesne out of the rehearsal space to talk to them about new album “Mortem Solis“, punk influences and a whole lot more. What price a 20th Anniversary vinyl pressing of their fifth album “Works of

NEWS: Krisiun take the oath…

After debut single “Serpent Messiah” proved as if there was any doubt that Brazilian Death Metallers Krisiun are still in inspired form, a second single in “Sworn Enemies” has climbed from the Century Media vault ahead of the 29th July release of their new album “Mortem Solis“ via the label. The new cut, which serves

Bootleg: Krisiun in Sao Paulo Brazil!

Ahead of their new album “Mortem Solis“, one which is set for 29th July via Century Media, Brazilian Death Metal legends Krisiun have been on the road. They were caught on camera at Kool Metal Fest in the Carioca Club in Sao Paulo on 29th May with a full near 50 minute set surfacing online.

NEWS: Krisiun celebrate the year of the snake!

Finding themselves surrounded by snakes in a dungeon tomb, Brazilian Death Metal legends Krisiun took a leaf from the book of Indiana Jones and pray to the “Snake Messiah” for their lives. That’s the title of the first single from the bands upcoming eleventh studio album “Mortem Solis“, one which is set for a 29th