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NEWS: Mother Of All watch the pillars crumble…

Set to perform at Metal Magic Festival in Fredericia Denmark on 12th July, Copenhagen based Progressive Melodic Death Metal act Mother of All have unveiled “Pillars” as the third and final single (as well as the closing track) from their upcoming second record “Global Parasitic Leviathan”. Having recently recruited members from acts such as Lamentari,

NEWS: Mother of All search for an escape from Hypocrisy!

Shapeshifting from an all star collaborative project to a full band with members of Lamentari, Chaoswave, and Withering Surface joining mastermind Martin Haumann, Copenhagen Progressive Melodeath act Mother of All believe they have stumbled across the formula for something grander in scope both sonically and lyrically with sophomore album “Global Parasitic Leviathan“. A record set for

Review: “Colour the Soul” by Unbowed

Treading the boards since 2011, Canadian Extreme Metal quintet Unbowed celebrate a decade of destruction with their third album “Colour the Soul” and return to illustrator Marta Sokołowska who created the artwork for 2014’s “Collapse the World” for the artwork for this one 7 years on. Written and recorded by Unbowed at Nomadic Arts Studios

NEWS: Unbowed open Pandora’s box?

Joined by Frederik Jensen of Mother Of All who lends his throat with a guest vocal appearance, Canadian Extreme Metal act Unbowed have  unleashed another ripping new track in “The Holy Momentum” from their upcoming third studio album “Colour The Soul“. Set for 20th May, the record itself also features guest appearances from Joel Violette

NEWS: Unbowed return in search of a hero?

Featuring guest appearances from Joel Violette (Thrawsunblat, Woods of Ypres), Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns (Finntroll, And Oceans, Dispyt) and Frederik Jensen (Mother Of All, Plained) Canadian Melodic Blackened Death Metal outfit Unbowed have announced that 20th May will see their third album “Colour the Soul” land on shelves with  artwork by illustrator Marta Sokołowska, who is also

Playthrough: “Autumn” from Mother Of All!

A Technical Melodic Death Metal project of drummer Martin Haumann (Timechild, ex-Afsky, ex-Myrkur) that saw him joined by Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death, Sadus) on fretless bass and Frederik Jensen on guitars, Mother of All released their debut album, ‘Age of Solipsist‘ in June via Black Lion Records. Now the band have premiered a playthrough

Review: “Age of the Solipsist” by Mother of All

Formed in 2013, Mother of All is a one man project, the brainchild of Martin Haumann who you may know better as the drummer of Myrkur and Afsky to name but a few. Incorporating melodic and Progressive elements into Death Metal with the highly praised EP ”Secular Assault” in somewhat varied and eclectic that explore

NEWS: Mother of All premier “Curators” Dual-Video Medley!

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Hannes Grossmann (Hate Eternal, Alkaloid, Necrophagist) at Mordor Sounds and adorned with the cover artwork by the acclaimed Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, King Diamond), 11th June will mark the arrival of “Age of the Solipsist“, the debut album of Mother of All via Black Lion Records. As a solo project

Playthrough: “We Don’t Agree” from Mother Of All!

Accompanied by artwork created by American graphic artist, Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, King Diamond) the upcoming Mother of All album “Age of the Solipsist” was mixed by Hannes Grossmann (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura, Alkaloid) at Mordor Sounds and marks one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2021. The Progressive Melodic Death Metal band who feature legendary bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death) alongside drummer